Chill N Jiu Gi - Braus Fight Jiu Jitsu Europe #1 BJJ Gi Brand
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Chill N Jiu Gi - Braus Fight Jiu Jitsu Europe #1 BJJ Gi Brand

Chill N Jiu Gi



Chill N Jiu Gi

We’re honoured to welcome onto our journey local Goldie artist Lucca De Bonis who, like all of us here at braus fight, is inspired by life – his work speaks to the soul. Chill N Jiu Gi is a perfect balance between comfortability and durability.  Our trusted Pearl Weave Fabric provides the durability of double weave but with a lighter weightless finish plus an inside lining.  This Gi can withstand it all, the perfect companion for your BJJ game.

What makes a good competition Gi?

Light Weight: The weight helps if you are close to the weight limit of your division.

Thickness: Thicker Gi’s make it harder for your opponent to grab and maintain a strong grip. The tighter you can close your fist, the stronger your grip and the more control you have.

Durability: This is important for the life of your competition Jiu Jitsu Gi – especially for training where you will be using it multiple times in the week.

These attributes can all be found within the Chill N Jiu Gi.

The top is made from 100% pure cotton and has been designed for serious BJJ competitors. The bottom half of this blue Jiu Jitsu competition Gi is made from cotton and polyester, which makes BRAUS pants extra light and durable.

The Chill & Jiu Gi’s are 300 grams heavier than the pro light.

Product Features:

Gi Jacket

  • 100% Ultra-soft cotton for superior comfort.
  • 450gsm Pearl Weave Fabric – Lightweight, cool and durable.
  • Printed design using high print-sublimation for maximum durability.
  • Extra reinforced and double stitched to support all the pressure of competition and hard training.

Gi Pants

  • Reinforced stitching on key stress points.
  • Made of high quality cotton and polyester.

The entire line of BJJ Gi from BRAUS fight conforms to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) standards.  These have all been ingeniously designed to suit the modern enthusiastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete.

This Chill & Jiu Gi is available in different sizes and comes with a bag that can serve as your carry bag during your training, workouts, and fights for your BJJ gear.

If you are looking for your perfect Everyday Gi, choose the Chill & Jiu Gi + Bag. Experience the comfort and satisfaction this product provides.

A0162 – 17255 – 70
A1168 – 17865 – 80
A1L (Long)168 – 17870 – 90
A2175 – 18575 – 95
A2L (Long)180 – 19080 – 100
A3180 – 19085 – 105
A3L (Long)185 – 19590 – 110
A4185 – 195100 – 115
A5190 – 200105 – 125
    • Please note that the above sizing chart is to be used as a guide only. If you are unsure about the best size to suit your body type, please contact us for assistance.
    • Minimum 3 weeks delivery for all “out of stock” products.
    • For purchases of 10 GIS or more, please get in touch for a quote through our ‘Retailers page’.
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