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Since our conception we have prioritized upholding and delivering on our vision to help others and make our world a better place. The breadth of our projects has varied, predominantly focused on communities and people (Rolling For A Reason). As a socially conscious brand always striving to make a bigger difference, we recognized the opportunity to do more and impact more broadly by expanding our commitment to include environmentally supportive initiatives. It’s not enough to simply talk about being better as a brand, we have a responsibility to lead from the front and take action.

There is simply too much plastic that cannot be broken down or reused on our planet which is having dire affects on our ecology. Most prominently our ocean life.
Globally mankind is producing a whopping 400 million tons of plastic each year, 90% of which is not recycle or reusable. 40% of that relates to packaging for products and over half of that is for single use purposes only.
These types of statics are both frightening and not sustainable. As we all know the ramifications on our future with unchanged behavior doesn’t bare thinking about. A future perhaps you and I won’t see much of but a future not promised to our children in our current form. We need to be more sustainable and find ways to balance our needs with our planets.

In a bid to do our part, we’re excited to be launching our brand new PLA biodegradable compostable packaging. Plant-based materials like our new product packaging and mailing bags are renewable, reusable and better for the environment from production to disposal. This change we are committing to has been a mindful decision to evolve and invest in our planets future. Reduction of non biodegradable or compostable packaging reflects our ongoing vision of giving back and building a better tomorrow.
Together we can do so much. The fight never ends.

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