about us image BRAUS Fight was born in 2014 Following A Vision to both support the growth of BJJ and provide for the community at the same time. Founded by a pair of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for BJJ, charitable initiatives, and authenticity, the brand established itself around 6 core values which continue to be the foundation for operating to this day. 

  • Authenticity:

While we dream of building a better future, one gi at a time, we want to do it in great style. Our authenticity transcends merely being the dopest Jiu Jitsu gear out there, but it permeates everything we do. We believe doing things with excellence isn’t just a way but, the only way to operate.

  • Compassion: We’re a company with a heart! And it beats for bringing life wherever we go.
  • Connection: Community is our passion! We believe the JJ community is its strongest when united. Together we can build a better tomorrow.
  • Service: Providing excellent service isn’t optional. It is a privilege and joy we won’t neglect.
  • Quality: We dedicate countless hours and effort to offer the very best quality products to serve you well while changing the world at the same time.
  •  Innovation: We deliver because we’re always finding new ways to do better for our community.

The soul of BRAUS Fight lies within the first three. Our enterprise is based on humanity and that will always come first– 

The other three ensure we remain committed to delivering above expectations in all that we do.

Our Infinity symbol was designed to signify the limitless journey of life, people, connections, learning, and BJJ – everything is connected and limits exist only in our minds. The Fight Never Ends expresses this sentiment, reminding us to never give up and forever keep working hard and thriving both on and off the mats.

We represent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the communities within, and beyond the sport. 

It’s as simple as that!